Madame Palm rings are experience-driven fine jewelry handcrafted in Milan, Italy benefiting from the highest craftsmanship techniques. They should be handled with care.

The jewelry contains precious metals, stones and body-safe silicone with proven certification.

Apparent defects could occur on the ring due to the artistic work done by hand by our artisan jewelers.

Each Madame Palm ring is cleaned, and vacuum packaged ready for use.


Madame Palm rings are jewels made to be worn or to be used with care.

It is not an everyday ring or made for every kind of sexual practice.

If used for masturbation, we highly recommend to apply lube for a better sexual experience.  


As with any quality jewel, proper care will ensure the long life of Madame Palm rings.

-  Handle jewelry with care to prevent bending, scratching, or warping.
-  Do not wear your jewelry while using chemical products, cleaning agents, metal and abrasive scrubs, sandpaper, and chlorinated environments.
-  Store in their original case after each use.
- The materials can naturally tarnish over time, if so, the silver and gold parts can be cleaned with dedicated products.


Madame Palm silicone beads remain delicate and are to be handled with care.

- Do not pull off the silicone beads intentionally with direct forceful pressure.
- We suggest to always put the ring on last, as a finishing touch to an outfit.
- If silicone beads fall off the ring, keep calm. You can contact us and we will arrange their repair.


Wash delicately with detergent-free soap and warm water. Dry using a soft cloth. Do not use paper towels, dirty or abrasive cloth.


Madame Palm provides a guarantee for each ring of five years.

This warranty does not cover loss, theft, damage other than faulty manufacture and repairs by anyone else but our artisans. Please note that we are not responsible for problems that occurred after wearing the items without taking
care of them.

Please keep out of the reach of children.